Best Ways to Gain Muscle Quick

Best Ways to Gain Muscle Quickly

Many people are wondering why it is so hard to maintain a good body shape. It is so easy to gain excess fat, but it is incredibly hard to get rid of. Choosing to stay fit and healthy is probably one of the hardest decisions you are ever going to make.

Well, declaring you’d start doing it is one thing, but actually taking the first step is another. This is why many are in constant search for that ultimate fix – that safe and 100% effective training guide that will make bodybuilding feel like it’s just a walk in the park.

But is there really such a fix? Is there really a training program that makes burning fat and building muscle just an overnight task?

Achieving a Bodybuilder’s Goal

The ultimate goal of any bodybuilding enthusiast is not to achieve a bulked up, well-sculpted body; it is maintaining that figure for the longest possible time. Mind you, this is not an easy undertaking. Many bodybuilders resort to using synthetic chemicals to aid their training, but these substances have detrimental effects to the body.

There is only one right way to do bodybuilding, and it is the natural way. Yes, it will take some time, but you can be sure that it is definitely safe, and the effects will be long-lasting because it is not just an overnight thing.

But what exactly do you need in order to achieve this? Well, first of all, you are going to need a whole lot of willpower to commit to this colossal change in your lifestyle. And then you are going to need a kickass training program that will not just give you vague instructions on how to do your bodybuilding routines.

This training guide should include everything you need to know about bodybuilding and must offer a comprehensive outline on how to do your training, what foods will work best for your training, and the food supplements that will add the necessary nutrients that your body needs.

Components of a Comprehensive Training Guide for Bodybuilding

Contrary to what most people think, bodybuilding is not all about training. It is just a part of a whole – a whole that includes nutrition, training, supplementation, and mindset. These four components are the pillars that serve as the foundation of a well-developed body.

Understanding the importance of each of these components in bodybuilding will lead to discovering the best ways to gain muscle, increase strength, and achieve that ideal shape that you have been dreaming of. If you wonder how the great legends of bodybuilding got their bodies shaped like Greek gods, just take a look at our list of best bodybuilding books and pick a book. They’re all great reads, and if you’re completely new to bodybuilding, they may well be your best first step on your journey to fitness. But, moving on…


One of the things that makes people think twice about working on a fitter, healthier body is the thought of having to get rid of all their favorite foods. Why? It’s because people have this impression that bodybuilding foods are often bland and boring. Well, this might be true many years back, but not anymore.

Various feats in the culinary world led to creating wonderful dishes that not only provide the nutritional requirements you need, but will also definitely satisfy your palate and your tummy. Fitness foods nowadays are more colorful, exciting, and delicious.

Another bodybuilding myth that needs to be debunked is the idea that the only nutrient you need while you’re on your bodybuilding journey is protein. The truth is, the body will require a lot of nutrients for its muscle growth to properly commence and come through. It is true that protein is the most important nutrient for muscle building, though.

Importance of Protein in Bodybuilding

The muscles are basically made up of amino acids. These amino acids are important for the body to function normally when building, repairing, and sustaining muscle tissues. Protein is made up of amino acids as well. It is the main nutrient that the muscles need for anabolism to occur.

Anabolism is the process of utilizing stored energy in the body in order to construct molecules from smaller units. The synthesis of these molecules results in the building up of muscle tissues, and thereby increasing the muscle mass.

Important Sources of Protein

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word protein is meat. Of course, it is the most popular source of protein. The best sources of this nutrient are lean meat and dairy products. It’s available both in animal and plant sources.

It is so important to know the different sources of protein, their nutritional value down to the gram, and how to prepare them without denaturing the protein because you need more food options to add into your bodybuilding diet. You don’t want to eat the same food over and over, which is why variety is so important.

Regulating Protein Intake

Knowing that protein is the most important nutrient in bodybuilding is not enough reason for you to just keep on consuming protein-rich foods without minding the other nutrients present in these food sources. Also, there’s only so much protein your body can process within a day. There’s no use consuming more protein than what your body can process.

Besides, too much protein intake is not really good for the body. High levels of protein have detrimental effects to your kidneys. You have to regulate your consumption according to how much your body can synthesize. According to America Dietetic Association, the recommended protein intake should be within the range of 0.4 g to 2 g of protein per pound of your total body weight.

Other Nutrients Necessary for Gaining Muscle

Aside from protein, fats are another substance that the body needs in order to proceed with the normal muscle growth functions that it undergoes. When people hear the word fats, they almost automatically wince in distaste.

Actually, this is another misconception that needs to be debunked. Not all fats are bad for your health. Of course, in huge amounts it can cause damage. But it’s also necessary in building and repairing muscle tissues.

Apart from the bad fats that you know about, which usually comes from meat and eggs, there is also a group called good fats, which offer benefits to the body. This type of fats is mainly found in fish, nuts, and olive oil. The recommended amount that the body needs shouldn’t be any more than ¼ gram for every pound of your total body weight.

Carbohydrates are also an important component of a bodybuilding diet – a fact that may not be popular because a lot of people always thought that, when it comes to diet, carbs are definitely a no-no. Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy.

Without them, your body just won’t have enough energy for you to do your training, not to mention your daily tasks. Carbohydrates are so important they need to be ingested in more amounts than protein. About 2-22.5 grams of carbs is recommended for every pound of your body weight,


Proper nourishment is part one of your bodybuilding journey. The next part is training. A lot of bodybuilding enthusiasts follow this common 4- or 5- day split routine. It works by focusing on a particular set of muscle groups on one day, and another for the next session, and another for the next.

This goes on for a week until you start on the first muscle set once again. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a complicated routine. In fact, most bodybuilders start off with really simple exercises and work progressively, putting more and more challenge as the training goes on. 3-4 exercises for the main muscle groups should do and 2 exercises for the smaller muscle groups.

Each exercise must include 4 sets with 10 reps. You will be advised to train to failure, but you have to work your way through it. Don’t rush into intense training. Let your body adjust to the training that you are going through.

The key here is consistency – not with the routines, but with the sessions. Changing the routines every other week is recommended because you can’t stay in the same routine with the same intensity for a very long time. Otherwise, you won’t experience any growth in your muscles.

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Bodybuilding is almost synonymous with weightlifting. This is because it is the most significant type of workout for your bodybuilding. It improves physical strength, increases muscle mass, and lowers body fat. Aside from that, here are some of the benefits of weightlifting:

  • Improved metabolism

Weightlifting, while observing a proper diet, will significantly improve a person’s metabolic rate. The faster the nutrients are being synthesized by the body, the sooner you will gain more muscle mass.

  • Increased bone strength

As you go through your training, your weights will increase. And as the body adjusts to that increase in stress from the weight, your bones also adjust as well. This toughens up your bones, especially in the legs, back, and arms.

Furthermore, this training makes your ligaments and tendons tougher, too. This is easily translated to lesser risk for injuries and fractures.

  • Boosts energy

The effects on the psychological state of a person that come from working out have long been established. The release of happy hormones during and after working out brings anyone into a cheerful state. It generally lifts the mood.

After a few sessions, you will feel more hyped and energized. As a result, you tend to be more productive in your everyday tasks.


You’ve already changed your diet and you’ve already started eating healthy, why do you still need food supplements?

Well, the truth is, you don’t really need them. After all, these are just supplements. But there are very few products out there that really do have benefits to your body.

Most of the food supplements available on the market are just ingredients to very expensive urine. They just pass through your body and don’t really do anything.

But this is not one way of saying you shouldn’t use food supplements. There are legitimate products that really do provide aid in bulking you up.

The challenge is identifying which products are effective and which ones are the rip-offs. This Fitness Supplementation Guide should give you more details about choosing the best food supplements.


Choosing a healthier lifestyle is something that requires a lot of willpower. Of course, you know it’s always the best way of living, but the things that you have to give up are really the reason you are holding back. In order for you to fully commit to getting a healthier body, you need to have a desire to have a better, fitter shape, so powerful that it trumps your craving for a slice of pizza or chocolate cake.

But once you get there, once you’re already settled in with the idea of healthier meals and training schedules, the challenge doesn’t really end there. There will be days when you will find it really hard to get out of bed and start your routines.

There will be days when saying “No,” to a cheeseburger or a can of soda will seem like an impossible thing to do. But you have to remember you are on a mission, and you have a goal. It would help if you have a training buddy who can keep you motivated and remind you why you’re doing the training in the first place.

A training coach would be more effective. Not only will they guide you on the proper routines that you need to do, they will also keep you from making excuses about slacking on your training.

Personal training with the guidance of a trusted fitness coach is what you’re looking for. However, if that’s not a luxury you can manage right now, here are a few muscle building reminders that can help you with your own training.

Nutrition is important

Eat right, not less. It’s recommended to have 5-6 meals a day. Distributing your daily nutrient requirement throughout 5-6 lighter meals a day instead of having 3 heavy meals is more effective. With this set-up, you can easily control blood sugar levels and stabilize your metabolism.

You don’t have to worry about having boring meals. There are many recipes that you can try and experiment with. You need to have a variety of options on a weekly basis so that you will enjoy eating your muscle-building-meals.

Get well hydrated

Now this is very important especially when you are doing your sessions. You have to make sure that your body gets the right amount of water it needs in order for its natural processes to take place smoothly. Your recommended water intake in a day should be more or less 2 liters. That’s about 8-10 glasses.

Be a smart trainer

You can’t just train intensively and not know exactly what your routines are for. Every single exercise you do is doing something for your muscles and you have to figure out what that is or your training will be in vain. There is a science behind every routine you do. It targets certain muscle groups and you have to know what these are.

Also, do your exercises in the correct order. Weightlifting must always go before cardio. If it’s the other way around you will easily tire out and will achieve less calorie-burning.

Keep it organic

This may be very hard to do, especially considering the kinds of food you used to have before, but you must keep away from processed foods as much as possible. They contain a lot of preservatives that are bad for your diet. They also contain less nutritional value than their organic counterpart, especially for processed meats.

Appreciate your achievements

When you go through bodybuilding training, it would be better if you keep a log of your achievements. You can keep records of your progress on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This is your way of reminding yourself how far you’ve gone from where you started.

Appreciate your progress and reward yourself for being so diligent with your training. It’s okay to indulge on some well-deserve meals on a cheat day.

Bodybuilding is not an easy endeavor. In fact, if you want a true-story reference, you can check the struggles that Sean Nalewanyj has gone through before he achieved his current figure. This is what inspired him to create a fitness program that can be customized according to your own specific needs in order to target obvious points of improvement in your physique or your diet.

You can read everything in his book, “The Body Transformation Blueprint”. It contains everything you need to know about bodybuilding and the effective approaches that you can apply on your personal bodybuilding journey. Check out his website for more details.

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