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5 Reasons to Do Weight Lifting Routines

5 Reasons to Do Weight Lifting Routines

Getting a fitter body is more than just a goal; it’s a commitment. When you decide to sign on for a training program with a goal to lose weight, build your muscles, improve stamina, or increase strength, it will be the start of a long, hard, and worthwhile journey.

Of course, there’s a way to do it quicker and with less effort, but it’s not the natural way to achieve the body you desire and it may trigger a lot of negative effects to your body in the long run. There’s no other way to do it but the natural way. And that includes a well-planned diet, a comprehensive training plan, weight lifting routines, proper rest, and a whole lot of motivation.

Basic workout routines are mainly for burning calories and losing weight. When your main goal is to build your muscles and increase your strength, you should definitely focus on doing more weightlifting.

Weightlifting has proven its enormous significance as part of training for increasing strength and building up muscles. It is a legitimate sport which has been a part of the Olympics. Improving physical strength, increasing muscle mass, and lowering body fat, are by-products of weightlifting routines.

Aside from these, there are other reasons why you should definitely consider weightlifting.

Weightlifting improves your metabolism

One significant benefit of lifting weights is its positive effects on a person’s metabolism. The same result is true for both men and women. A few sessions with the dumbbells will show and obvious increase in one’s metabolic rate. If this is paired with proper diet, it can speed up the process of getting rid of unwanted fats.

It makes your bones stronger

As you go through your weightlifting journey and train with more weight, your bones toughen up as they adjust to the stress. Aside from stronger muscles and bones, it also makes your ligaments and tendons tougher. This means less risk for fractures.

It improves your mental health

Weightlifting is not only good for the body. Performing weightlifting routines and strength training has been proven to boost a person’s Intelligence Quotient. It enhances cognitive functioning, thus keeping the brain healthy.

A study conducted in Brazil also showed improved memory and reasoning of people who do strength training. They also showed longer attention spans, and displayed more focus on certain tasks.

It makes you more energized

Aside from improving the physical and mental states of a person, working out generally improve one’s psychological state. The same is true for weightlifting and strength training. A few weightlifting sessions and you’ll notice that you are more hyped and energized. You tend to be more productive and you will have a more positive outlook. It also boosts self-esteem as you see your positive transformation over time.

Strength and resistance training gives your body a much better shape

Health benefits aside, a lot of people will agree that their main objective in committing to a training program is to improve their overall appearance. Whether you’d like to tone your body down, or you want to bulk it up, these training programs will get you the results you desire as long as you stay committed to them.

Many people are under the impression that weightlifting will always result into a Hulk-like body, and for some this is not a good thing. Well, if that was your goal to begin with, it is very much achievable. But, you can also do strength and resistance training without becoming too muscular. It all depends on the routine and the frequency of your training.

After discussing the benefits brought about by weightlifting, it’s time to talk about which routines will get you the results you desire. Now, there are a lot of guides you can find online which will confuse you. Always choose the sources that are based on facts and are not just giving you generic instructions and information.

The Body Transformation Blueprint, by Sean Nalewanyj, is one great example of a science-based training program inspired by his own journey from a skinny body to the healthier, fitter shape that he’s in right now. This book is your ultimate guide to muscle building and fat loss.

It includes a manual of workout routines, bodybuilding meal plans, supplement lists, recipe books, and a tracker. If you are fed up with the confusing training guides that you have tried before – none of which have proven to be effective – it is time to start basing your bodybuilding training on well-researched, scientific facts, and not just on some generic instruction you can find online.

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