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benefits of deadlifts

Benefits of Deadlifts

King of the Lifts

What are the benefits of deadlifts and why they are considered, “King of the Lifts” by many professional weightlifters and by others, “the big gun on the block?”

Let's find Out

Many people do not exercise because of the time needed to go to the gym. Other find excuses in the lack of the equipment for not working out. However, most of them are not aware of the fact that they can benefit from an amazing and effective workout program at home using simple bodyweight exercises such as deadlifts. No need for fancy equipment, live weights or gym membership deadlifts are one of most recognized powerlifting exercises targeting all of the major muscle and most of the minor muscles in your abdomen and your lower body, with emphasis on the lower back and back, along with the quadriceps and hamstrings. The remaining muscles are involved in stability control. It is, in a sense, the purest single event test of strength because it is one of the few lifts of dead weight.

Not only do deadlifts offer a simple and effective way to target the muscles in your lower back for added size, definition, these compound exercises can also improve your metabolism, flexibility, balance, strength and speed up the fat burn process.

Undoubtedly one of the Best Free Weight Exercises for Beginners and Professionals

Most beginners to weight training often ask what are the best exercises to help them transition from weight training to free weights. Individuals who have never used free weights during their workout or professionals who have not used weights for some time routinely often find themselves adding free weight exercises such as deadlifts to their workout to benefit from muscle ease and gradually strengthening them.

Can I Achieve the Same Benefits with Weight Machines?

Although it's generally proven that weight machines are an excellent addition to strength training, the truth is; after training for several weeks you need to vary your muscle movement to avoid becoming bored with the same workout. Because of this free weight exercises such as deadlifts are generally referred to as functional exercises as they tend to offer a range of movements relative to our daily lifestyle allowing us to naturally increase our flexibility and core strength.

How to Perform The Deadlift.

Physical therapists are trained to direct the patient in certain exercises to help the body heal itself. They also can recommend therapies to strengthen the muscles so that a repeat injury is less likely. Often a physical therapist can keep patients from having to endure expensive and painful medical procedures by recommending exercises and stretches in place of traditional medical interventions.

If you do not have insurance or do not want the hassle of going in to see a doctor for your lower back pain, you can still get the relief that an appointment with a physical therapist can provide. By using deadlifts, you can get natural pain relief and help your back muscles heal. If you learn to do these exercises properly at home, you can save yourself time and money.

Let's Learn How

  • Stand in an upright position centering the barbell at your feet. Your posture should be slightly narrower than your shoulder-width to allow rooms for your arms.
  • Using an overhand grip grasp the barbell so both your arms are plumb to the floor.
  • Lower your body by bending your knees until the bar touches your shins.
  • Without tightening your shoulder-blades lift your chest similar as if you're performing the squat.
  • Lower your shoulders backward and down keeping your head aligned with your spine.
  • Lift the weight by pulling the bar close to your body rolling it over your knees and thighs until both your knees and your hips become locked.
  • Lower the barbell to the ground by pushing your hips backward and then bend your knees to complete the exercise.

For those that prefer an instructional video, check it below:

The Inner Unit and Benefits Of Deadlifts

Inner unit? Let’s define it. It’s a term describing the real “core”, not the quasi-core touted today in many fitness settings. Rather, the inner unit comprises four muscles that work off the same nerve circuit. When these muscles fire, they create true stability in the lumbar spine and pelvic regions. They include the pelvic floor (aka wee-wee muscles), transverse abdominals (the natural corset that encompasses your lower waist), the diaphragm under the rib cage, and the small stabilizer muscles deep along the low back, called the multifidus muscles. In fact when the inner unit muscles are toned and in tune, they work synergistically to grip and hold the low back in a power position.

Recruits Multiple Muscle Groups

Although Deadlifts have been primarily thought of as an exercise purely for bodybuilding, with strongman and Powerlifting; they have earned their merit for their contribution in perfectly targeting lower portions of the back and their role in recruiting multiple muscle groups simultaneously to improve posture, assist with fat loss, agility and even boost testosterone and growth hormone levels.

Will Deadlifts Cure My Back Pain

Solely performing deadlifts may not cure low back pain, however adding them to your workout aimed at core strengthening may significantly improve the quality of the contraction and improve the overall stability of the low back.


We see them on television all the time. The bodybuilders who have massive amounts of muscle and win competitions for their otherworldly figures are often front and center in the fitness world. The fact is though that very few of us actually want to look like that and very few of us want to build muscles to that proportion. Most of us do want to loose love handles though and get rid of belly fat. Doing so has both social as well as health reasons and so most of us do know the importance of being fit. Not only can it help in getting dates but it also helps you avoid a host of health issues and it allows you live a long and productive life. This makes the image bodybuilders have an unfortunate thing. The reality is that there are many lessons we should be taking from bodybuilding and applying to our own fitness routines. We do not need to take things as far as bodybuilders do but deadlifts can go a long way towards helping you build a well rounded figure.

​You've probably heard that old and popular phrase which states that "the best things in life get better with age". Well classic exercises like the Deadlift are just one of the many fine wines enjoyed today and often viewed as a vintage form of training by many professionals within the fitness industry.

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