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Five Most Effective Muscle Gaining Secrets You Should Know About

Five Most Effective Muscle Gaining Secrets You Should Know About

If there is one common thing that people can say about bodybuilding, it’s the fact that IT IS NOT EASY. Sure, the instructors on the bodybuilding video you are using in your training may seem like they’re enjoying what they’re doing, and may give you the impression that strength training is just a walk in the park.

Newsflash: They have been doing that for a while, that is why it probably feels like second nature to them already. But if you are just starting out on your bodybuilding journey, and you’re feeling lost on what to do, what you need is a good training guide that will not feed you with false information about how you can achieve the body you desire.

You see, bodybuilding is both an art and a science. It requires passion and motivation. And there’s a rationale behind why you need to do certain types of exercises and why you only need to have a specific amount of protein in your diet. You don’t need a confusing training guide that will only give you vague instructions on what you need to do.

Bodybuilding training should have a personal approach. That’s what the 1-on-1 Fitness Coaching program is all about. In order for you to get the optimal results on your bodybuilding journey, you need customized training that will address your body’s specific needs.

Personal training with a trusted fitness coach is exactly what you need. But until you can find one, these following muscle gaining secrets should be able to guide you in your training.

Eat 5-6 meals a day.

Rationing your daily nutrient intake throughout the day will be more effective if, instead of having three huge meals a day, you eat multiple snacks within a day. This is one way to stabilize your metabolism while you control your blood-sugar levels and monitor your nutrient intake.

Drink lots of water.

You have to keep your body hydrated. Water is necessary in keeping the processes in your body at the right pace. It is also very important especially in the excretory system which is your body’s way of getting rid of waste and toxins. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day if possible. That’s about 2 litres. Stay away from sweetened drinks as much as you can.

Train smart.

Don’t do your training recklessly. Just because you’re lifting weights doesn’t mean you’re already on the right track. There’s a certain way to do things. Even your routine needs to be in the right order.

For example, cardio must be done after lifting weights. Doing it otherwise may provide you poor results and may even lead to some injuries. Weightlifting must be done in a progressive order, meaning the weights should be increasing at a certain interval.

Stay away from processed foods.

Okay, maybe just limit yourself. It would be great if you could keep it organic, but if you have to consume processed food, just be sure not to do it on a regular basis. Yes, it’s more convenient – and probably cheaper – but most of these foods have high calorie content. That bag of chips may taste like heaven, but is it really worth it?

Allow your body to recover.

When you embarked on the mission to have a better, fitter body, you probably had a completion date in mind. For most people it’s a 6-month project; for others, it’s sooner. The point is that everyone wants to get results ASAP.

Some people tend to overwork themselves in training. That’s really not how it works. When you do excessive training, your body will need some time to recover from it. It is when you rest after a good session that your body will work on repairing or growing those muscle tissues.

If you’ve been doing the training for a while, your body might recover quicker, but for those who are just starting out, your body will take some time to adjust with all the training you are going to do.

These five, good-to-know pieces of information are definitely helpful; but these barely touched the surface. There is much to learn about bodybuilding, and so many things to discover about your body to help you appreciate what you’re doing. If you want to know more about it, it’s better to get the answers to your questions from a source that is based purely on scientific facts.

“The Body Transformation Blueprint” is definitely something that can help you kick-start your bodybuilding journey. It is a complete, step-by-step guide on muscle building and fat loss, written by a fitness coach who’s gone through an amazing transformation himself. The book includes a manual on muscle building and fat loss, along with a meal plan and recipe book, a concrete set of workout routines, and video tutorials.

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