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Myotatic Reflex Training – What is it?

Human beings have a complex nervous system which for the most part is responsible for the decisions we make and how we move. That being said there are some autonomic processes that our bodies do not require our nervous system to complete such as our cardiovascular functions and how our bodies fight diseases. Many of these processes are maintained by the use of bodily signals. One common example of this is the autonomic increase in our respiratory rate when or bodies detect an increase in the levels of carbon dioxide.

Understanding The Myotatic Reflex

Myotatic Reflex commonly known as stretch reflex refers a pre-programmed response to a stimulation when specialized fibers in muscle tissue known as spindles when stretched. This response which generally takes anywhere between 1-2 milliseconds is your body's way of preventing your muscle spindles from being stretched beyond their normal range resulting in tearing of your muscles. It is those interactive muscle spindles which determine the length of your muscles activate the stretch reflex thus strengthening your contractions and prevent muscle damage. This process is known as the stretch-shortening cycle, or SSC.

A simple reference can be observed in the knee-jerk test generally performed by physicians and includes using a small hammer to tap the patellar tendon causing in a mild stretch in the tendon and quadriceps muscles resulting in a kicking motion. It is this storing of kinetic energy in your muscle fibers which produce that kick and provides a burst of power fueling the subsequent contraction.

What is Myotatic Reflex Training?

Utilizing the same principles as seen in the Positions-of-Flexion training by Steve Holman, Myotatic Training takes advantage of the body's autonomic responses by using the stored up kinetic energy to maximize the stretch positions and quickly contract your muscles rather than pausing in-between.

The Benefits of Myotatic Reflex Training

There many benefits of Myotatic Reflex Training. First, it boosts our neuromuscular communication allowing your muscles to become more efficient at sending and receiving impulses resulting in improved fiber recruitment during your exercise workout and a better central nervous system. Another benefit of myotatic reflex training is more recruitment of fast-twitch or type 2 muscle fibers. Most individuals at an intermediate level will often employ a training workout using heavier loads resulting in slower movement and longer rest times in between exercise sets. While this type of training is generally recommended to target specific muscle groups, the continued movement, accelerated contractions, and constant muscle tension as with any myotatic reflex training recruits more type 2 fibers thus resulting in increased muscle build and added strength.

What's Next

When a person is thinking about going into bodybuilding, going to the gym is recommended because all of the equipment is right there for them. For even better results, however, myotatic reflex training may be an option. Newbies need a bodybuilding routine that will help them get the results that they want. One thing that a lot of newbies do is start out too fast. They need to start off slow with the smallest weights recommended for them followed by a set of myotatic reps. When doing lifts, to get better results, it's good to take it slow and do it correctly. If a person goes too fast, they will injure themselves faster. Also, it is not necessary to do lifts every day. The muscles need to have resting days.

On resting days, cardio can be done in its place. This is not really recommended but is an option. With any myotatic routine, you'll need to increase your calories. A person who is a picky eater might not like this new way of eating, but in order to become the size that they want, increasing calories needs to be done. As for supplements, they are not really needed as long as a person is getting the right types of foods in their body. In time, a person will start to slowly see results.

Five Things Every Beginning Bodybuilder Should Know

Bodybuilding is a serious sport. There is a lot of damage that can be done to the body when doing things improperly. Here are five things that every bodybuilder should know.

  • Always have a spotter. Have someone more experienced standing by that can take over if need be. There is no reason that you should let your ego get to you when you are starting. Everyone starts somewhere.
  • Use the safety equipment provided. There is no sense in taking yourself out of the game because you wanted to show off to the more experienced lifter doing curls in the corner while he stands on his head. As a beginner, you should only lift what you know and make sure that you do it properly, no matter how silly you may look.
  • Anyone beginning bodybuilding should start out doing full body workouts. You should be doing no more than 8-12 reps and your rest period should not exceed 90 seconds between reps. The amount of weight you lift should not increase with every workout that you do.
  • Always use proper form. If you aren't going to do it the correct way, than why bother doing it at all? Ultimately your results could either be injury or nothing at all. Why take the risk?
  • Last but not least, you should never forget about including a cardio program with you lifting schedule. And don't forget about nutrition!! If you aren't doing any kind cardio work out or eating properly then you will not have the proper muscle mass or form that you want.


Myotatic Reflex Training is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and effective forms of training used by many professional bodybuilders for achieving incredible gains. However as with any person, to start a brand new exercise routine that will increase overall fitness levels as well as build muscles, it can be slightly confusing to know how to get started. After all, there are so many types of exercise programs out there today it can be a lot to sift through. It does not have to be hard, though. To get those bodybuilding muscles you seek, you need proven bodybuilding techniques and the why I have written this article.

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