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Want to Take a Natural Testosterone Booster? Read on..

What's a Natural Testosterone Booster

Unfortunately, as men grow older, testosterone levels in the body decrease. This leads to among other things, a reduction in sex drive and poor performance in bed. This could have a greatly negative effect on a man’s life. That is why men around the age of twenty-eight to thirty years opt to start taking testosterone supplements. Athletes also need a good level of testosterone to perform well. It is therefore not uncommon that they turn to testosterone supplements and boosters. Unfortunately, many men and athletes act in haste and desperation. They simply go for anything they find on the market thinking it is just what they need. Wrong! There is a great difference between natural testosterone boosters and steroids. With Zero caffeine (preferably) or synthetic ingredients, an all natural testosterone booster will stimulate the natural production of testosterone by the body. Steroids, on the other hand, are actually synthetically produced and work by introducing the synthetic hormone directly into the body. Steroids are indeed used to treat health condition but are dangerous and should not be taken by healthy individuals. Some manufacturers disguise steroids as supplements, which calls for caution as you purchase them.

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Benefits and Side Effects

With an increase in sex drive, muscle mass gain and other physical benefits of using boosters, men also get a boost in self-esteem. This translates to better performance in their social life with friends and family. Their professional life and careers are also impacted positively. However, due to the many advantages of taking testosterone supplements, most people end up abusing them because they want to get the desired results faster. Unfortunately, they only put themselves and their health at risk. The following are effects associated with abusing these supplements:

  • Some men have reported having experienced breast development or enlargement after taking too many of the supplements or taking them over a prolonged period of time.
  • The other very common effect of abuse is the reduction in the size of the male testes. This results in the production of less sperm.
  • One could also experience rampant mood swings. Men become irritable and are prone to anger and they could even get violent.
  • Excessive testosterone in the body leads to hair loss. Men who abuse the supplements could find themselves losing their hair rapidly.

Testosterone boosters should not be used by people who have pre-existing medical conditions, including, depression, diabetes, anemia, anxiety, stroke, prostate enlargement, high blood pressure, heart disease, psychiatric disease, seizure disorder, liver disease or if you are taking any medication.

Do Natural Testosterone Boosters Really Work?

Do testosterone supplements work for men? For the most case, they do. A lot of these testosterone supplements are rich in numerous vitamins and supplements, extracted from different herbs or fruits, which can boost testosterone production. Others make the claim but do nothing to help enhance hormone production.

The Keys to a Good Natural Testosterone Booster:

Reduction of Estrogen

Estrogen is more natural in women than in men but having too much of it can lead to detrimental effects. Too much estrogen prevents the pituitary glands from producing enough testosterone. Some elements, like fat cells, contain aromatase which will convert testosterone into estrogen. The best natural testosterone supplement will fight all of this to ensure better testosterone production.

Stress Relief

Producing testosterone isn’t just about being all masculine and on the go. Sometimes it is about getting enough sleep and relaxation. Studies have shown that stress leads to a drop in testosterone. Some of the best supplements include ingredients to help you fight off stress and get some rest.

Building Muscle Mass

Some supplements work like steroid buffers; they help you gain muscle mass, not fat. Muscle is important because bigger, stronger muscles promote better testosterone production. It will require you to go through high-intensity workouts and weight-lifting strength training but it will lead to a good payoff.

The Right Balance of Vitamins and Nutrients

There are certain vitamins and nutrients required to get more testosterone in the body. Ingredients like Vitamin B6, B5, and Magnesium are all important. The best supplement will have ample supply of these.

Choosing the Right Testosterone Supplement

There are many supplements currently on the market. It can become confusing for someone who wants to start using one. It is good to note that a supplement that also suppresses estrogen is ideal. That being said, the best way to choose a supplement is consulting your doctor. After that, you can order directly independent re-sellers on internet or from websites such as

There are also a few things to watch for. These simple tips will help you find the best supplements and keep yourself away from the bogus products that might only do you harm. Consider them below:

  • 100% Natural : not all natural supplements are really 100% natural. Some of them might have a quarter of their ingredients be laboratory compounds that only mimic what a real herbal extract could do. This is sometimes the case when getting the real deal is difficult, expensive, or illegal.
  • Know The Ingredients – just because the label says the ingredients are natural it shouldn’t mean you can blindly trust it. Do some research and check what each ingredient does, where it comes from, and if there are possible allergies or side effects.
  • Scientific Evidence – most herbal and other natural ingredients won’t have sufficient scientific proof supporting their claim but there has to be some kind of scientific backing to them for them to be effective. It’s better to have FDA approval but when there isn’t, do some research and see if these ingredients have helped other customers in the past. This is where articles such as the one you've just read really come in handy.


Testosterone is the male hormone that I dare say, men cannot do without. It is increasingly produced as one nears and goes through puberty to facilitate their transition from boys to men. The hormone is responsible for that deep, manly voice due to larynx enlargement. Some of its other actions include an increase in sex drive, the growth of pubic and other male hair especially on the onset of puberty, increase in muscle mass, development of male sexual organs as well as the production of fertile sperm. Clearly, you can see why it is one of the essential male hormones.

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