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All About Nitric Oxide: Foods, Supplements and More

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  • What's Nitric Oxide?
  • Why's Nitric Oxide Important For You
  • How to Boost Your Nitric Oxide Levels Naturally
  • Top 5 Foods High in Nitric Oxide
  • Key Benefits of Using Nitric Oxide Supplements
  • Our Top 5 Nitric Oxide Supplement Recommendations

What's Nitric Oxide?

One of the most common reasons people go to the doctor is fatigue and lack of energy. Stress and fatigue can further deplete energy reserves while suppressing immune response, and even accelerating your rate of aging.

If you’ve experienced the symptoms of coffee overload following a stressful four-or-five cup day, the jitteriness and irritability you feel are signs that you’re running on “empty.” In reality, that is exactly what is happening, at least in regard to epinephrine and norepinephrine, the brain’s primary stimulatory neurotransmitters, which comprise the dopaminergic. When your dopaminergic system is functioning at peak level, awareness is heightened and you’re primed to handle heavy stress, danger or exercise workout.

Nitric Oxide is a molecule produced by our bodies which are nutritional precursors of these neurotransmitters and are among the few chemical compounds that readily cross the blood-brain barrier, and can directly affect brain chemistry. An endothelium-derived relaxing factor, Nitric Oxide plays an important role with the brain’s neurotransmitters involved in mood, sex drive, memory alertness and learning. Nitric Oxide is also used to promote smooth muscle relaxation and is important for immune function, metabolic rate and other vital functions.

Studies on individuals undergoing various forms of stress found that persons receiving Nitric Oxide performed better on a variety of tests than those who did not. They were more efficient, more alert, and had fewer complaints. Clinical studies have shown that Nitric Oxide can be helpful in reducing the inflammation, tiredness and depression of PMS sufferers, as well as being an effective antidepressant

Why's Nitric Oxide Important For You

Why do I need Nitric Oxide?

Nitric Oxide supplements and nitroglycerin medicines are the most formidable weapons available to quench and counteract the damaging effects of cardiovascular disease and extend the human lifespan. Regulating blood pressure with Nitric Oxide supplements can help improve memory and improve sleep quality. Many experts consider Nitric Oxide supplements to be affordable and viable anti-inflammatory therapy.

Concerned about having a heart attack? Cardiology researchers report that more doctors recommend Nitric Oxide supplements than aspirin as a way to prevent heart attacks. Studies also show that Nitric Oxide can also decrease erectile dysfunction. When adjustments were made for variables such as age, sex, alcohol intake, smoking habits, body mass index, and total energy intake, high intake of Nitric Oxide was associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular and other diseases are often preceded by certain biological signposts or changes to cellular structures. Often, medical doctors will discover specialized cellular and DNA damage, which can indicate the strong possibility of a developing tumor. Clinical research has discovered that Nitric Oxide can enable enzymes to bind with these potentially “mutagenic” compounds, helping to rid the body of them before damage can occur.

How to Boost Your Nitric Oxide Levels Naturally

A healthy system is absolutely essential to obtain maximum nutritional value from the foods eaten, to decrease the incidence of digestion-related diseases, and to maintain a strong immune system. Two of the most important ways to naturally boost your Nitric Oxide levels are:

  • Exercise
  • Healthy Diet

Unfortunately, it is estimated that nearly half the U.S. population – as many as 100 million individuals – are affected by some kind of eating disorder. In fact, the best-selling class of over-the-counter and prescription drugs is those intended to promote exercise and relieve eating problems.

Top 5 Foods High in Nitric Oxide

One of many oxides Nitric Oxide is a molecular, chemical compound with the chemical formula of ·NO. What many people don’t realize, however, is that Nitric Oxide is actually very good for your health and the reason it has been actively investigated for its disease-fighting potential for many years. Did you know that Nitric Oxide is found in Arugula, Beets, Citrus fruits, Dark Chocolate, and Walnuts? Let’s take a closer look.



Arugula known for its high concentration of nitrates has been shown to be beneficial in heart disease, antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction, circulatory problems, and even for symptoms of schizophrenia.



Walnuts rich in vitamin E Statins can provide an effective L-arginine management, in addition to providing nutritional insurance for Alzheimer’s disease.



Citrus high in vitamin C-rich substances is found in all fruits and vegetables. Foods rich in vitamin C can actually protect your nitric oxide molecules from free radicals rather than just treat the symptoms.

Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate

Antioxidants found in raw cacao used to make dark chocolate can provide significant relief for symptoms of pulmonary distress.



Other antioxidants rich in nitrates, such as beets, have proven especially beneficial in lowering blood pressure.

Key Benefits of Using Nitric Oxide Supplements

Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular diseases, especially myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) and cerebrovascular disease (strokes), kill at least 12 million people each year throughout the world. In the United States, cardiovascular diseases are the primary cause in about half of all deaths.

Elevated serum cholesterol levels (hypercholesterolemia) have long held center stage as the predominant risk factor for developing coronary heart disease. However, there have been newly discovered risk factors, which threaten cholesterol’s claim to being number one on cardiologists’ “most wanted” list.

Elevated blood levels of fibrinogen, a protein found in blood, have recently been identified in a number of studies to be a major risk factor for coronary heart disease (heart attacks) and cerebrovascular disease (strokes).

Elevated fibrinogen levels have also been associated with a number of other diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and hypertension (Welin, 1987; Kannel, 1987). Nitric Oxide supplements have shown to be an extremely safe, highly effective means of reversing elevated blood levels of fibrinogen.

A high level of homocysteine, an amino acid formed from the metabolism of another amino acid, methionine, is now widely recognized as an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Taking Nitric Oxide supplements can quickly and effectively restore homocysteine to safe levels.

Another indicator of heart disease is the presence of metastatic calcium. Nitric Oxide can help remove metastatic calcium found in the arteries, the joints and even in the brain where it causes the pineal gland to become calcified. Nitric Oxide not only an endothelium-derived relaxing factor which causes the smooth muscle in the vessel wall to relax, but also contains other chelating agents that act synergistically to assist the immune system fight off bacteria and defend against tumors.

Cognitive Enhancement

In spite of all the known benefits that physical exertion confers on the physical body, including increased life expectancy and improved quality of life, no amount of exercise can address the greatest challenge facing contemporary aging adults: the prospect of having one’s body outlast one’s brain.

The human brain controls all life systems – and, as the body ages so does the brain. Traditional healthcare has promoted the concept that it is entirely normal and acceptable to experience declines in mental performance with advancing age.

Research in the field of human memory has shown that Nitric Oxide supports healthy brain function and help us maintain and prolong our ability to think and reason. Controlled trials conducted in Europe and the US document the benefits of several Nitric Oxide supplements in slowing down the age-related loss of higher-level cognitive functions.

Muscle growth

Muscular growth offered by Nitric Oxide supplements are some of the most promising. Combined with lifestyle habits known to influence muscle health, such as eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and reducing stress and exposure to environmental pollutants, Nitric Oxide supplements can help stimulate muscle growth and contribute to an improved quality of life.

For the ‘normal’ individual who desires to lose weight, or simply to improve stamina and shape, finding the energy to embark on an exercise program can sometimes be a task in itself. ‘Fueling’ the body with nitric oxide and high-quality protein formulas can add the ‘get up and go’ to make any exercise regimen a success.

Nitric Oxide is available in a tandem of pre- and post-workout formulas to boost physical performance. They also have protein-rich formulas and performance optimizers. Uses as a post-workout formula, nitric oxide recharges the creatine stores in muscles, providing significant on-demand energy for short, intense muscle contractions. Not only do these supplements enhance energy during a workout, they can also offset the severity of post-workout lactic acid buildup, thereby eliminating after-workout muscle fatigue. Other factors include increased cellular energy and accelerated muscle repair as well as can also stimulate fat-burning.

To offset exercise-induced stress and soreness to joints, muscles, and tendons, nitric oxide supplements also offers a superior proteolytic enzyme formula that relieves symptoms of inflammation.

Distinct benefits to your general health and performance may be obtained through the use of nitric oxide supplements. What’s important to know is that these benefits may be more quickly and more efficiently realized by using a combination of supplements, exercise and maintaining a healthy diet, a process known as *“synergism.”

Our Top 5 Best Nitric Oxide Supplements

SHEER N.O. Nitric Oxide Booster

SHEER N.O. Nitric Oxide Booster is a potent sensitizer of cardiovascular function. While also a bioavailable source of nitric oxide, SHEER N.O. promotes increased strength and endurance without negatively affecting energy output.

Researchers have found that SHEER N.O. Nitric Oxide Booster produced exceptional benefits in bodybuilders with the ability to lift heavier weights for faster results.Engineered to enhance your physique, physical performance, and well-being SHEER N.O. Nitric Oxide Booster has become a global leader in sports supplements with its precise dedication for creating dynamic, cutting edge, and result-producing products which are sure to inspire each person to exceed their true potential and greatness that lies within.

Naturo Maximus Nitric Oxide

Naturo Maximus Nitric Oxide contains 2000mg of an “Advanced L-Arginine Blend”; a combination of three powerful Arginine derivatives including L-Arginine Hydrochloride, Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) and L-Arginine Ketoisocaproate (KIC) - precursors of stimulatory neurotransmitters in the brain, which increase mental alertness, blood flow and delivers more energy. It’s the perfect solution when you are working long hours, or when you need a natural pick-me-up.

Elite Nitric Oxide

Steadfast in its commitment to setting new standards with complete dedication to one very important principle: health! It is for this reason that Elite Nitric Oxide has become of the best selling and most sought after nitric oxide supplements and of course, No. 3 on our , “Top 5 Best Nitric Oxide Supplements” for health, and performance ignition.

Elite Nitric Oxide delivers an effective, unique, cutting edge, affordable, premium-quality supplement while making every effort to anticipate customer needs and meet the demands of a dynamic market. Hallmarked by innovation and service backed up by one of the premier labs in the industry, Elite Nitric Oxide offers a meaningful and effective product hardened with quality materials and unsurpassed support!

Mesomorph Labs N.O. 3000 Nitric Oxide Booster

Combining cutting edge clinical research with years of experience in health and fitness Mesomorph Labs N.O. 3000 Nitric Oxide Booster delivers an extreme product with extreme results.An essential factor for muscle mass, blood flow, energy, neurotransmission, nerve impulse generation and muscular contractions N.O. 3000 Nitric Oxide Booster can be taken as a dietary supplement on non-workout days.

A true performance enhancer. This combination of metabolic and ergogenic optimizers provides a smooth, sustained, long-acting release of energy and endurance, increased blood flow and muscle gains to take your workout to the next level.

Superior Labs Vaso Worx Vasodilation 4,600mg Nitric Oxide Dietary Supplement

Superior Labs has developed a formula system containing 7 proven ingredients and more than 4,600mg of to Nitric Oxide complex designed to protect and restore proper mitochondrial functioning. Vaso Worx Vasodilation is specially formulated to increase the supply of nitric oxide enabling increased blood flow and muscle stamina.

Phenomenally effective Vaso Worx Vasodilation supports the health of individuals with the following conditions: energy-related dysfunction, fatigue of the muscles, and modest muscle pain following exercise.Nutritional experts and research indicate that Vaso Worx Vasodilation may have positive effects on chronic fatigue. In fact, more and more physicians are recommending Vaso Worx Vasodilation the treatment of choice for increased stamina and muscle growth.

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