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The MetCon Workout – All You Need To Know

Designed to maximize your metabolism through metabolic conditioning workouts, with a mixture of long workouts, interval training and power training to shift your metabolism into high gear MetCons are high paced, and intensity workouts completed for a short time to create a shift in your metabolism resulting in fat loss, increased energy, increased muscle tone, increased work capacity, increased endurance, increased strength, increased self-esteem.

By challenging your cardiovascular capacity you perform an exclusive workout program and realistic, step by step process that will help put you on the road to optimal health and fitness.

The premise behind this form of training is to utilize the key time and effort domains combined with exercises commonly used in boot camps, sports training and CrossFit (without the use of the heavy weights).

The Met-Con workout itself is a contraction for a metabolic conditioning workout typically performed in a format of repeating a small number of exercises at high intensity. Done correctly a met-con workout can load the cardiovascular system more than any traditional endurance sport such as running, cycling & swimming.

The workouts are broken into specific intervals varied each day of the week. The intervals will range from short bursts (think HIIT) to long 10 -12 minutes and each week will also have one to two workouts that are a continuous push of anywhere from 20-30 minutes. Within each interval protocol, there is a target for total work time and duration of rest periods to maximize the change in key metabolic pathways.

Regardless whether you're familiar with Boot Camps, CrossFit, or endurance training this is the first time you will see a combination of the three to shift you to a new level of fitness and get the most out of each and every workout!​

Curious to what a metcon workout looks like? Take a look at the video below.

What can MetCon do for you?

Now that you have a basic knowledge of what MetCon let's take a look at how you can benefit from it and why you should try it. Besides the most obvious reason for losing weight, including MetCon workouts to your daily exercise routine can have several unique benefits.

Metabolic Shift​

While it doesn’t result in a significant reduction of body fat MetCon workouts much like any cardiovascular exercise will not only boost your metabolism allowing you to function better and work faster for several hours after the workout but also burn more calories when your body is in a state of rest.

Have you ever wished you could burn more calories and lose weight not only during your workout but hours after you leave the gym?

Increased Muscle Mass​

Another benefit of a well designed MetCon workout is the ability to use weight resistance exercises to push your body to new plateaus without you spending countless hours on an exercise machine for increased muscle build.

Let's look at some of the key elements of a MetCon Workout

Because this isn't a comprehensive list it is important that you know that there may be other factors which can come into play according to your individual fitness goals.

Resistance training-based conditioning​

This method of conditioning includes the use of specialized circuit-training equipment such as medicine balls, barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells for either increased resistance during the workout and added power to enhance muscular build over a shorter time.

Cardiovascular-based conditioning

Cardiovascular-based conditioning includes the utilization of basic cardiovascular exercises such as biking, running, swimming and sprinting and not only allows you to make use of short-burst interval training but also boost your metabolic rate.

Hybrid conditioning​

Hybrid conditioning as you may have guessed from it's name is a combination of two elements (traditional cardiovascular training and resistance training) to boost your metabolic rate.

Equipment and bodyweight

There is much to be discussed concerning your ability to manipulate your own bodyweight. Exercises which include pushing, or lifting up of yourself from the floor such as push-ups and pull-ups and their various forms can contribute greatly to increasing your overall body strength and metabolic rate.

Upper and or lower split​

Generally most persons would refer to the upper and lower split as a something which involve a combination of full-body moves. And while this is not far from the truth this type of conditioning can also include a split circuit program featuring both upper and lower body exercises.

PHA training​

PHA short for Peripheral Heart Action refers to the shuttling of blood to and from your muscle tissue triggered by alternatively performing high impact upper and lower body exercises.

​Time Based Weight Training

Time Based Weight Training involves performing a specific number of sets of weight training exercises. Because most MetCon workouts are time based the pace at which the exercises are performed often becomes the key factor and can result in lack of the proper form and technique. Thus your ability to correctly perform the required exercises is highly important to achieving your long-term goal.

Training for completion

Often used to gradually increase conditioning Training for completion refers to performing a specific number of reps for a designated round before taking a rest period in-between exercise sets.

Learn How to Adapt and Pace Yourself

One of key things to remember with any MetCon workout is learn how to adapt and pace yourself. This should be done in such a manner that not only will you be challenged but also to familiarize yourself with the proper techniques and thereby lessen the possibility of injury and muscle damage.

Remember always take the necessary time to learn the correct form when when exercising. Once you've mastered the techniques then you'll be better able to perform your MetCon workout.

Mixing It Up​

Much like any workout mixing up your MetCon workout can offer long-term benefits. That being said, while comforting to a specific workout can offer the benefit of a high impact training program it can quickly become boring. Because of this fact you may occasionally want to switch from your traditional set of bodyweight exercises to including some exercise equipment or Hybrid conditioning. Regardless of what you chose always remember to be confident in your abilities and open to embrace any challenges your MetCon workout brings.

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