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Top 10 Best Post-Workout Carbs

Do you often catch yourself fantasizing about a beef burger loaded with cheese while you are doing bench presses in the gym? Do you wonder about rewarding yourself with something juicy and cheesy right after a good, productive workout? If so, think again. What you put in your stomach after the day is probably your most critical meal of the day.

Acquaint yourself with some quick gym science that will take you a long way. Extra energy is stored as glycogen and protein in the body. During a workout, your body burns energy from the most recent meal you had, after which it goes to break down the stored glycogen. The muscles in the body then start to burn the protein to rebuild and recover after a workout. Your body is specifically good at absorbing carbs and protein within 30 to 45 minutes of the workout. Therefore it is important that you inculcate best post workout carbs and protein in your post workout meal. Because after a workout, it all comes down to the right carbs and proteins to save the day.

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According to experts, there are strictly two times of the day that you should take carbohydrates; as soon as you wake up in the morning and post workout.

The reason why carbohydrates should be taken first thing in the morning is that you are breaking a “fast.” You need to get simple carbs and an easily digestible protein source. But if you are going to do a cardio workout in the morning, it is advised to skip the morning carbs intake and just rely on the protein shake.

Once you are done with the workout, head for your favorite good carb source. Taking carbohydrates at this time is crucial since your body is very much depleted of glycogen and glucose. The best post workout carbs intake triggers the muscle recovery and growth.

Let’s have a look at the Top 10 best post workout carbs that will make the perfect meal:


Breakfast Cereals

breakfast cereals

Breakfast cereal with no less than two grams (g) of fiber per serving can make the perfect post workout meal that is rich in carbs, proteins, and fiber. Fiber moderates the digestion process, making cereals the most proper meals at any time. For the best results, increase the serving size, blend in one scoop of whey protein and milk to bring the carbs to around 60 g and the protein substance to 30 g.



breakfast cereals

Bagels are a perhaps the best source of sugars (a medium-sized bagel has 40-50 g). They additionally make offseason mass sustenance simple. You don't have to hassle around with cooking. For included advantages, pick assortments with more grains, for example, pumpernickel and rye.


Bran Muffins

bran muffins

You can decide a quality Bran Muffin by a glance at the name, yet your most logical option might be to make your own. Buy any high-fiber grain that has a muffin formula for the crate. Substitute natural honey for sugar, include a few scoops of whey protein to the blend, and you have a high-carb, protein-rich post workout meal. The fiber in the grain makes the final result low glycemic, which is perfect for muscle recovery right after you come home from the gym.


Cream of Rice Cereal

cream of rice cereal

Cream of Rice is a meal that can be easily digested and makes another best post workout meal. 66% of a glass blended with water yields 65 g of easily digestible carbs. When done with the cooking, add a banana, some cottage cheese and a couple of squeezes of cinnamon, and you have a balanced perfect post workout meal with 30 g of protein and 90 g of healthy carbs.


Pureed Potatoes

pureed potatoes

When you are aiming to build some good muscles, you require quick acting carbs in your postworkout supper since they create a more remarkable insulin surge and are incredible for quickly reestablishing depleted glycogen levels after a workout. At 42 g of carbs per glass, you can eat a few measures of pureed potatoes without feeling excessively stuffed or bloated.


White Rice With Raisins

white rice with raisins

Two measures of white rice blended with a modest bunch of raisins give 115 g of good carbs to the body. It is the perfect post workout combo to help resynthesize muscle glycogen. Similarly, as with pureed potatoes, you can utilize white rice with raisins as a side dish with suppers. The combo can likewise be added to a meat-vegetable-nut panfry for a perfect feast that is ideal for muscle recovery after gym.




For knocking up carb consumption, pasta has dependably been an excellent decision for many bodybuilders. Four ounces (dry measure) yield 90 g of carbs that are anything but difficult to gobble and won't make you feel bloated, so you'll be prepared to eat again after few hours. Mixing meat and vegetable choices to pasta make a total feast that is high in carbs, protein, and calories


Chocolate Milk

chocolate milk

Chocolate milk is an excellent post workout drink, as a result of the vast proportion of carbs, protein and the BCAAs you get. Additionally, it's delightful and can take it with any of other meals on this rundown.

Treat yourself and your muscles by including a scoop of protein powder and run it through a blender or shaker to get the smoothest fix. In case you're in a heavier pickup stage, drink it as a side to another recovery meal after your workout


Whole Wheat Crackers

whole wheat crackers

Whole wheat crackers are a fun and crunchy snack on the days that when you return from a heavy workout and are in no mood to cook yourself something. They are a great crunchy source of energizing carbs. You can pair it some protein-packed tuna for a perfect post workout meal.


Dried Fruits And Nuts

dried fruit ans nuts

On a rush? Dried fruits and nuts are a basic carbohydrate-rich deal for you. Have a go at filling a plastic pouch with your favorite dried fruits and nuts to be stored in your gym duffel bag for immediate access after your workout. You'll get a sound measurement of protein from your nuts, in addition to you'll get a speedy infusion of basic sugars from your dried organic friends. Simple carbs are anything but difficult to process and will renew your muscle glycogen more rapidly than complex carbs, making this basic nibble a top post-workout nourishment.

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