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Why Your Body Needs Protein to Build Muscle

Why Your Body Needs Protein to Build Muscle

The internet is such an excellent pool of information that you can visit anytime. For example, looking up the different sources of protein to build muscle will give you hundreds of results. However, you have to be smart about processing all the information you can get from it because different sources say different things and it might confuse you.

Ideally, nutrient intake is different for every person because each one has a unique metabolic rate. The ability of the body to process nutrients can be different for every person. The desired results may vary as well, and may require different amounts of nutrients for the body to process.

When it comes to building muscles, the most important nutrient that the body needs is protein. Everyone knows this. But does anyone know why?

Information is readily available in the internet but very few people take advantage of this. For example, when you go on the internet to search what foods will go best with your bodybuilding training, you will stop at just getting the recipes, or the list of recommended bodybuilding foods.

You won’t bother looking into why these nutrients are important or how it is beneficial for building muscles up. Yes, it does seem like a tedious thing to do, but it’s actually very important for you to know the science behind why you need to do these types of training, or why you need to do these types exercises in this particular order, or why you need this particular amount of protein in your body.

Importance of Protein in Bodybuilding

To address some of the “Why’s” in bodybuilding, here are the answers to some of the most common bodybuilding questions:

Why is protein important in bodybuilding?

Protein is essential for muscle growth. The muscles in the body are made up of amino acids, which happen to be what protein is made of as well. It is the building block of muscles and is very essential in performing important tasks such as building, repairing, and maintaining the muscle tissues in their optimum state.

Protein is very important in the process of anabolism, which is the utilization of stored energy in the body for constructing molecules from smaller units. This process of synthesizing complex molecules results in the building up of the tissues, thereby adding more muscle mass.

Why is it important to know the sources of protein?

Everyone knows the popular food sources of protein. Lean meat and dairy products are on top of the list. But why do you have to identify other sources of protein? Well, one reason is because it could provide other food options that you can include in your diet.

While you are undergoing bodybuilding training, you will be restricted to certain types of food that are beneficial to muscle growth. It will be nice to have more items on the list so you can experiment with the recipes that you prepare.

Also, it will validate the food supplements that you might be interested in trying. You can check if the main component of the supplement is a legitimate protein source.

Why is it necessary to regulate protein intake?

While it is true that protein is the most important macronutrient that you will need for building your muscles, you still have to regulate your intake. Knowing the recommended protein consumption is important.

According to America Dietetic Association, an average person should have approximately 0.4 g of protein per pound of their bodyweight; and it shouldn’t be more than 2 g. Too much protein intake can be detrimental to your health.

High levels of protein can cause severe damage to your kidneys. Also, when you regulate your protein intake, you can focus on other nutrients as well.

Bodybuilding is a transformation that needs a scientific approach. From the training that you undergo, to the food that you eat, these are founded on facts from the processes that occur in a person’s body.

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